What This is about?

Look around you. What do you see? Unless you are reading this in the wilderness you are probably surrounded by objects… creations done by humans. 

For example, if you are in your home – you are probably surrounded by walls, some furniture, the machine you are reading this from, other electrical stuff, clothes and more. If you are in a coffee shop – then you’ll notice the coffee machine, all the food, decorative stuff, etc… Well… you got the drift, right?

Here is the thing – every object your eyes fall onto – even just the buttons on your shirt – were designed by someone with a clear objective in mind. You can argue whether the object is serving its purpose or not, but nevertheless – it was invented, thought of, produced and someone was convinced to buy it.

You are surrounded by creations that were brought to life by millions of individuals. Have you ever asked yourself how do you fit in this world of creation?

What part have you taken in any of the creations you are familiar with? Have you ever created something you were proud of? Have you ever created something that served people other than you?

And maybe the most important question – do you even care about this and want to be one of those creative individuals, inventors and entrepreneurs that come up with new stuff that serves the human race?

If so – you’ve come to the right place.

My professional career wasn’t linear in its progress and in a way you would expect. In fact, I started in the R&D, then became an entrepreneur and only later became a product manager & product leader. Most of the challenges I faced working as a product manager and/or head of product reminded me a lot of my period as an entrepreneur, and certainly me being an entrepreneur made me a much better product manager. 

Since not all of you, who are interested in product management, are able or willing to become entrepreneurs (and I totally get it. It’s super hard) – I will try to share with you my wisdom & tips learned along the way. This wisdom will definitely help you become a better product manager, but I also believe most of it will also help you become a better entrepreneur.

So thank you for reading this and stay tuned!

About me


I am Nati Berkover! Welcome!

I define myself as an entrepreneur, product leader and a gamer.

Originally started my career as a software engineer, spent more than a decade in the R&D, coding and managing software teams.

The next stop in my career was the startup I co-founded called Newsfusion, which provided state of the art news aggregation feeds and apps.

Newsfusion was later acquired  and since then I’m doing all sorts of product management & leadership roles.

Happy to share tips & tricks, based on my experience as an entrepreneur and product leader and help you master your game!